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Stowaway to Italy- cool kid

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Perhaps we shouldn't encourage eleven year-old boys to stowaway on international flights, but I have to admit that I am rather impressed with Liam Corcoran-Fort, the boy who flew from Manchester to Rome ostensibly because he needed to pee and wasn't noticed by crew until they were in the air. I'm almost motivated to write a story about the little guy. Good on ya, Liam!


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Yeah, I don't think Liam was nearly as innocent as he makes himself out to be. The associated link to the Channel 4 news report I think is a bit more accurate about the boy's intentions. I still think he's clever.

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Despite learning a few Italian words, Liam said he did not enjoy his two hours in Rome: “It was too big and scary on my own. I just wanted to go home and see my mum.”

I spent three frustrating months in Rome some years ago on a project, and I feel the same way as the kid! Weird country. It's like they have a different word for everything!

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