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Editor Needed and maybe a beta reader

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Hello All,

I have a short Christmas story.  It's 42 pages and about 15K words. Even though I have re-written the story four times, I feel like it's still disjointed. So not only am I looking for an editor for the numerous mistakes, I also want someone to give me some advice on the narrative as well. That could be one person or two. If anyone is interested let me know. I appreciate all the help I can get as I really like this story but I'm not sure if its good or not.



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17 hours ago, vwl said:

I'm available.




Thank you for your offer Rec! I have a few people looking at it to see if its even worth posting or not. I am so out of practice I think it might be shit so they are trying to help me with the narrative. I think they might have their work cut out for them. 


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