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Thank you, Cole...you are not alone. I try to avoid political commentary on the internet since I hate being quoted by those with less intelligence. So far the Tea Party has done its best to destroy the Republican party and those fools have embraced the idiology of the far right. One might think the DNC would send contributions to the Teabaggers just to watch the fun. But then the Christian Taliban and their own worst enemy...only time will tell.

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The show has evidently stirred some reactions from 'real' news shows. It is ironic that a TV entertainment show is providing facts which reveal political corruption, whilst many current news programs are nothing other than opinions dressed up as facts, and presented as an entertainment, to further corrupt the viewers' access to reality.

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I did enjoy the first season of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, but at the same time, as much as I agree with a lot of his views, I found the show to be very heavy-handed and preachy. I'm not the only one.

I also think Sorkin's version of an idealized Republican -- a conservative who feels that religion has no part in government, who doesn't care about abortion either way, who isn't concerned about gay marriage, and simply wants to reduce government, and reduce taxes -- does not seem to exist in the real world. BTW, if you look back to the 1850s, when the Republican party started, it was mainly about stopping slavery, not about all the other baggage that has been dumped onto the party in the last few decades.

I'm disappointed by the Democrats, and horrified by the Republicans these days. Not enough people in the middle, if you ask me.

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Yes Pec, I often wonder why I am the only one one who likes to be in the middle. :lipssealed:

I do think there are moderate conservatives, like the British Prime Minister when he gave his support for same sex marriage.

But Sorkin's licence for an idealised Republican is for displaying the attributes of moderation in a conservative character. I love the confrontation to the extreme Right, of such a character, but I'm afraid it is still far too right of centre for me.

Reduction of taxes for the rich that keep government small and poverty high in the workers, who can find themselves bankrupt because of the health care system, does not in my opinion validate an economic system that would better serve the people if it were at least a little more socialist.

The right wing is corrupt, the left has lost its humanist roots, and the threat of theocracy hangs over the Constitution with stultifying ignorance. The true middle ground is to the left of both parties in most matters.

Look at this image at The Political Compass to see where the candidates are situated.

It is worth reading the commentary at the above page, just to get an idea of the way the system and the candidates are regarded, even if like me, you don't agree with all of their analysis.

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The first of September signals that we only have about nine more weeks of all this political nonsense. The media pundits will be in a total frenzy by then and attacking one another for the chance to get in the last word, thought, or guess as to the outcome of the election. We are without strong leadership on either side, adrift in an economic sea and drowning. It's times like this that I will miss Gore Vidal and his acidic wit:

"The United States was founded by the brightest people in the country — and we haven't seen them since."

Ain't that the ever lovin truth!

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