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So, I tried to run for mayor...

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I went down to the board of elections to see if I could get on the primary ballot. Mainly because I had nothing better to do. Turns out you have to have signatures and money and some stances on issues or something, so it didn't work out. Oh, and for future reference: "Whatever will get me on the ballot" is not considered an acceptable response to "What political party are you affiliated with?".

Ah well, so ends my political career.

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Don't quit now Elecivil.

You've already shown a better grasp of the political system than George W Bush in that you KNOW that you are not politically affiliated with any party.

George on the other hand spends like a Democrat, talks like a Republican, wants a police state like Ceausescu and runs a foreign policy that Mussolini would be proud of.

In a political climate that is this confusing and vague, at least you are sure.

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I suppose you tried this because you gave up on your idea about riding a horse off the Empire State Building.

Now that you mention it, if I became mayor of this city, maybe I could eventually become mayor of New York, which just might give me enough swing to get that horse on top of the building in the first place.

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The most difficult part of your plan, as I see it, is finding a suitably suicidal horse. One wouldn't, of course, want to include a horse that wasn't terminally depressed. Perhaps a burned out police horse?



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