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How wonderful...

Chris James

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I can't help but wonder what psychological traumas have been averted in this boy's future because he was reunited with his blue monkey.

I remember that I had a satin quilted blanket which I cuddled in bed every night until I was about eleven years old.

My mother and grandmother thought I was too dependent on it, so it 'disappeared'. They explained to me that it had gone missing, and strangely enough I accepted their explanation and got on with my life.

Years later...many years later, I remembered the blanket and began to piece together what had spurred them to take it away from me.

I had of course found a substitute to cuddle in bed; a pillow. Need I say that the pillow became my first intimate toy, my first boyfriend, and might I add that, said pillow was very comforting in the loss of my blanket.

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Darn chopping onions, making my tear up like that.

I had a monkey quite similar to that when I was very young. Only it was black instead of blue. His name was Cheetah. I haven't thought of him in years, but this brought back so many memories. He was worn, ripped, and sewn back together in a hundred places, but I loved that silly thing. I wonder what ever happened to it.

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A popular monkey sold during the mid-to-late-sixties was a yellow and brown doll called "Mr. Bim." My youngest brother received one for Christmas when he was two and named it "Monkey-doo." I don't think he was referring to anything biological, it was just a cute name he invented and he kept Monkey-doo on his bed until he was in the fifth or sixth grade.

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