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Nolan Gould of Modern Family


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The thirteen year-old actor who plays Luke Dunphy on Modern Family recently appeared on Ellen DeGeneris' show. He has just graduated from high school, is a member of MENSA, is starting college, has learned to play the banjo and seems like one of the most well-adjusted thirteen year-olds I have ever seen. Then, again, he's an actor, so next week he might be arrested on Santa Monica Blvd selling himself for heroin, but I kind of doubt it. This kid has it together.


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I just read this story seconds ago. An acquaintance of mine works on the show here in LA, and tells me the kid is terrific. IQ of 150! Hope he's one of the child actors who manages to survive and do well when he transitions into adulthood.

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Gives you hope for the next generation, doesn't it? An engaging and brilliant child, poster boy for success in life...and with intellignce like that I think he knows what he wants for his tomorrows.

Having said that, I am not one who will ever watch this television show, or most others. But I have read the critics acclaim and the derision from the far right so they must be doing something good. The true measure of a performer's ability only comes with time and so I wish Nolan a happy and successful career. With a mind like that he'll be in charge of something down the road.

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Perhaps his most impressive quality is his sophisticated sense of humour, but then his youthful excitement bubbles through, and you know that he deserves every opportunity he gets.

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The young actor seems to be better than the show in general. Just watched the first three episodes of this season and was not impressed. Especially unimpressive was the stereotypical gay couple, a poor take off on Le Cage.

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I agree. I was also disappointed with The New Normal. We're not all swishy, although I have been known to get campy, snap my fingers and sarcastically refer to someone as "girlfriend" or "Miss Thing." It's almost like gay versions of Amos 'n Andy. Still, I like Nolan and wish him well.

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After reading the comments on The New Normal, I er 'obtained' the first six episodes and found them very entertaining. Where Modern Family is just another sitcom, the writing and production values of The New Normal are outstanding.

Despite the excellent entertainment value, however, I doubt the series will go more than one season in a nation where half the people show a preference for a Mormon shape shifter.

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Every gay guy is welcome to their way of responding to the world. But like the others that commented here, Doug, Chris, Steve, and I are definitely not from the swishy camp. None of us habituate gay bars. Doug and I went into a gay bar in Berkeley. Once. I never knew that swishy could be encountered in the real world, but it's alive and well. We got the hell out of there real fast.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Yes Colin, my beloved and I are escapees from the swish scene. It wasn't in our natures. Being in the theatre, we encountered all types of personalities and soon learned to accept that diversity is indeed part of life.

Dude, "Mormon shape shifter." I love that, so apt.

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I agree. I was also disappointed with The New Normal. We're not all swishy, although I have been known to get campy, snap my fingers and sarcastically refer to someone as "girlfriend" or "Miss Thing." It's almost like gay versions of Amos 'n Andy.

Yes, I don't know of a gay expression for an "Uncle Tom," but that's kinda what I think. But: the show is doing pretty well and does have an audience. If nothing else, it serves a purpose to remind the audience that there are lots of different families out there, and also to remind homophobes that gay people can (and do) have children.

I think the show is a little heavy-handed, but the ultimate message is positive, and I have no problem with that.

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Someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force is called a quisling.

Some of the comments I see on gay news sites are very much aware of the gay 'Uncle Tom' syndrome.

They fall back on terms like, "self-loathing closet queen," or "self-loathing kapo," and "homocon." Homocon being a contraction of 'homosexual conservative', but might better be defined in the negative, as homosexuals who are anti-left wing.

How any LGBTQ or pro-choice person can justify voting for the rightwing astounds me, but then, I'm not disposed towards placing desire for wealth above ethics.

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I'm especially bewildered at any gay person who can vote for Romney, knowing his whole agenda. There are real Republicans who recognize that religion and moral judgements have no place in government, and that people like Romney and other conservatives have kind of bent the word "Republican" to an entirely different meaning than what it had years ago. I really detest this kind of thinking.

But I also don't think Obama has been very pro-gay, either. He had to be pushed into finally admitting that he was more-or-less pro gay marriage, but it took Biden to kick him in the ass on this issue.

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