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Election Night! Woo Hoo!

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I love Election Night! I get my pizza, my computer and the remote for my TV and am in Heaven! Election Night is the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the Olympics all in one for me!

6:20 Central time- Romney has an early lead, but Republicans always lead early in the evening. Romney internals however show him losing Ohio by 5%! CNN reports Virginia even early, which is bad news for Romney. Of course, I remember in 2004 when John Kerry was looking good early, so keep holding your breath!

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What site do you recommend for monitoring the results? I'm currently looking at the NY Times live coverage, but I was wondering if there was a better one.

Ohio and North Carolina look close from what I can see. With 53% reporting in Florida, Obama leads Romney by about 2800 votes out of just over 6 million, while with 34% reporting in North Carolina, Romney leads Obama by about 2700 votes out of just over 2.7 milliion.


Okay, Florida is almost certainly going to go to a recount unless the other states give someone a clear win. With 67% reporting, Obama leads by 307 votes... with almost 6.8 million votes counted.

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I'm following Real Clear Politics and Politico mostly, but I'm also monitoring CBS and Fox News (to see what the other side thinks). Real Clear Politics has a good screen with EVERYTHING on one screen. I'm so disappointed in the New York Times because they don't have all the charts and tables they had in 04 and 08.

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Watching the BBC coverage which is good and relatively unbiased: http://www.bbc.co.uk...canada-20009190

The Washington Post's Ezra Klein tweets: "Early to draw political lessons, but if you're a GOP candidate and you've got a theory about rape and abortion, maybe keep it to yourself?"

Financial Times reporter Anna Fifield tweets: The mood here at the @MittRomney party in Boston is grim to say the least - everyone standing around watching TV, glued to phones, no smiles.

2225: it's official now after Wisconsin: Mitt Romney has just nine ways to win the presidency. And it makes Florida a must-win - lose there and Obama is re-elected.

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Camy-LOL!!!! Don't piss off women when they're 53% of the electorate!

It looks like the President is going to sweep the battleground states. CNN now says it is statistically impossible for the Republicans to take the Senate. John King on CNN says Romney MUST carry Florida, Virginia and North Carolina. But, the edge has to go to Obama.

Good Grief! It's 10:23 in Florida and there are still people in line in some precincts waiting to vote, mostly in Democratic areas!

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Chuck Todd says that the areas of Ohio that still have votes uncounted are in Democratic strongholds in Cleveland, Toledo, and Cincinnati. Romney HAS to carry Ohio and it looks doubtful now.

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Several networks and web sites now say that Romney's top people are huddled in their war room in Boston and aren't answering the phones. I think that's the most telling news of the last half hour!

I've been catching the streaming video of the BBC coverage and it's very good.

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I truly hope we can work as a country and stop the bs, and quit calling each other idots, Im so sick of how the country is divided and how we work with each other. I said it before but years ago republicans and democrats went to dinner and parties etc, and they got along and yes they disagreed political but things worked as well. I would like to see that happen again. I have friends who I disagree political but we are still friends and I think it's said when people cannot do that. it used to be more people didn't care if their wife or husband had a opposing political view point, there is still some though, again just like to see it happen again.

I hope everyone has a good wednesday.

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Yes, Drewbie. You're absolutely right! I remember when Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neal could fight it out during the day and then O'Neal would drop by the White House for a few drinks in the evening with Reagan. Perhaps if Chris Christie can find something nice to say about someone he profoundly disagrees with, maybe the rest of his party and the other can do the same. Here's to unity.

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For the first time I was a Poll Worker yesterday (Monday 11/5) and today (Tuesday 11/6). Part was hard work (I was one of the staff who collected completed ballot boxes, sealed them, recorded them, and stacked them for shipment to the Alameda County elections office. Part was detail work, validating registrations and and handing voters their ballots.

It was good being part of the election process. Oh, yeah, I voted too, using my California Vote-by-Mail ballot.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I turned 18 back in 1972, one month before the election, so even back then, I got to vote against Nixon. Every President I ever voted for lost, with the sole exception of Clinton (twice) and Obama (twice). [When Jimmy Carter ran, I voted for the independent, Anderson.]

I'm still very disappointed with Obama's long string of broken campaign promises, but I have faith that he'll do better on this term. On the scale of 1 to 10, Obama to me has been barely a 4; but Romney would have been Zero Point Zero. We haven't had a "10" to vote for in a long time.

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