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A Memory of Light - final book of The Wheel of Time


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Today, twenty three years after 'The Eye of the World' - the first book of The Wheel of Time - was published, the final volume (book 14) is released. This won't mean a thing to most people. But for those who have followed the adventures of Rand, Perrin and Mat on this epic, incredible high fantasy journey; and for those who - when Robert Jordan died - thought it would never be finished and were amazed at how well Brandon Sanderson picked up the reigns, today is a special day. :icon_thumleft:

I was introduced to the series almost two years ago and I'm excited. Heaven only knows what I'd be like if I'd bought the first book back in 1990 and had been following the story ever since.... True, some of the books aren't as good as others, but all in all, if you're into high fantasy, The Wheel of Time is very well worth reading.

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The doorbell bleated and, by staggering and sweaty postman, 'A Memory of Light' arrived. I grinned in anticipation, thanked him, closed the door and did a little jig.

"There's nothing much nicer," I said to Percy, "than holding a virgin book and imagining how much pleasure it will give you."

Percy meowed and looked pointedly at his bowl.

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