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American Evangelicals in Africa


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Those people think more about sex than I do. The real abomination is that mankind's propensity to question existence is being usurped by ignorance for the sake of money and power over others. Sane, rational journeys of discovery, self discovery in search of enlightenment in the real world is the furthest objective from those entrapped in the mind-numbing restrictions of irrational faith.

Yes, it is an effort to face reality beyond the comfort of conformity in the caves of our various cultures, but human development is all about discerning reality from what we think is real. Not being able to recognise reality is the very definition of insanity. Sadly, religion has become a means to subvert our independent, individual, search for the meaning of life by replacing it with stupefying dogma that conceals reality, and thus corrupts our sanity. For the sake of money and authority over others.

Sigh. :omg:

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Long history behind African evangelicals, none of it good. Now they are being back by American evangelical money--lots of it. Evangelical Christian is am oxymoron to my way of thinking. It is the Anglican evangelicals in African who are the major nuts giving the American church hell for our electing gay bishops and authorizing the blessing of same sex couples. As a 98 year old lady once said to me, "Fight"em, but whether you win or lose, they'll roast in hell.

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Africa is a dangerous place. It wouldn't take too much effort to arrange a series of unfortunate accidents.

A plane crash here, an ebola infection there and viola: problem solved.

We used to be very good at black bagging people. I know that it's not a lost art- just one of the blacker ones.

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