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We are DEVO?


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Tom Landry and Roger Staubach are NFL Hall of Famers. This pair won and appeared in numerous superbowls and were the epitome of class, poise and professionalism. Young men and boys could look up to these guys. They were great role models. You WANTED to play for or with guys like these. You wanted your kids to play for guys like this.


Now we have a foul mouthed blowhard loser that couldn't coach his way out of a whore house. Not only is he a horrible role model, who would want to play for him? His Jets teams have been so bad for the last few years, I think his strategy is to collect high-round draft choices. He'll be back next season after going 6-10.

It has only been 20 years since Landry retired. How can the caliber of coaches gone down so far, so fast? What kind of idiot management would stand for it?

What does this say about our society? Has class gone out of style?

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I agree, James. But the decline has been a long time developing. When Jerry Jones named Barry Switzer to coach the Cowboys, he spat on the memory of Tom Landry. Jones knew what the Oklahoma Sooners had been like when Switzer was coach. He had to know how many cocaine possession charges, cocaine dealing charges, rape charges, etc, had been filed against OU Sooner players. Yet, with the Dallas Cowboys as with the University of Oklahoma, winning was more important than standards. Over the last three decades, how many Cowboys have been accused of rape, of spousal abuse, of dealing, of drunk driving? How many have died from drunk driving? The Cowboys are nothing compared to what they once were and it's because of what happened when Jones named Johnson and Switzer coaches.

The fans are the ultimate cause of this. The fans could care less if a player is a decent human being or not. The fans care only about winning. They live vicariously through their team. If their team wins, they are, by extension, winners. How many calls do the police get about spousal abuse in cities and on nights when a team loses?

The owners are next. The game is about the billions of dollars that are on the line. The fans and the owners. Society gets what society asks for.

Oh, and Barry Switzer now has been reduced to making TV commercials for an Indian casino in Oklahoma. What a winner.

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Right on about the fans wanting a winner, and lets forget everything else, especially morality. Look at the reverence being bestowed on Ray Lewis. Greatest linebacker ever. Great motivator. Great on your team; won't let the other players become complacent. Leader of men. Tremendous human being.

Except he isn't. He was involved in a brawl in which two men were stabbed to death. He gave a statement to the police, then refused to sign it, and it was found to be full of lies. He later testified against two friends in a deal with police to have his own charge of murder dropped. He was charged with and convicted of obstruction of justice, served a year of probation. The white suit he was wearing disappeared while he was fleeing the scene of the brawl and was never recovered; witnesses said it was covered with blood.

This sure isn't a man I think should be extolled as a symbol of NFL virtue.


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No, but I am finding more and more of those on TV these days.

Does anyone watch Bored to Death on HBO? Good show, if rather quirky. They're rerunning older shows prior to this season's episodes, and the one they ran last night was in a gym lockerroom. They had all these nude men strutting around. Then they cut to the women's lockerroom, but that wasn't as interesting.


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