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My first comedy routine

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One of my parents favorite albums when I was a young child was comedian Allen Sherman's album, My Son, The Nut. One of the songs on the album was the classic, "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah," which I performed in my pajamas on Christmas Eve in 1963 when I was six years-old. I almost cried tonight when I came across this video on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it. Yes, things were cornier back then, but we loved them just the same.

"And, the head coach wants no sissies, so he reads to us from something called, Ulysses." Damn. Was that all I had to do?

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Sweet, I remember this. Back in the early sixties, comedy albums were all the rage. Alan Sherman, Bob Newhart, Bill Cosby, Tom Lehrer, and Vaughn Meader (poor guy, his act died when Kennedy was assassinated). All these guys were just plain funny, and not a dirty four letter word in the bunch...that came later on and these acts faded just like vinyl records.

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OMG! I loved Alan Sherman!

I still know all the lyrics to many of the songs... including Muddah Faddah and Harvey and Sheila!

And what was the name of the song with the line... "High above the other singers n the treble clef, a soprano sings in b-flat, but the key is F"? Ah, 'No One's Perfect'

He was a comic genius who died much too young!

Yep, I remember The First Family by Vaugn Meador... quotes like 'Let me say this about that' and 'Onward and upward to the new fronteirs with viggah'


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