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Hiraeth by Huw Jones

Jeff Ellis

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Two years ago Huw asked me for some background detail from my Valleys childhood. He explained what he wanted to base his story around... a genuine historical event that was still raw enough for me to not be terribly encouraging. In that I was wrong... he has handled the event itself with care and tact and in the process has created a beautifully crafted story that will satisfy the most emotional among us. I cannot imagine how he managed to finish it... I would have found it too difficult. He has my admiration... and my apologies for not having been more supportive two years ago!

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I've just finished reading the story. As I would have been 7 when the main early event occurred - I remember it all too well. I'll not say any more as it would easily constitute a spoiler.

I too also remember the trolley buses in Reading, but as a small child, I had a distinct liking for buses and trolley buses, and I'm quite sure, had I been born earlier - would have been a tram enthusiast too. My first word was 'bus', not mum or dad!

All I can say is read the story, it's well worth it and there is quite a lot of factual information about the times written into the narrative.

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This is a wonderful story!! Set in Wales and based on historical events, it tells of the redemptive power of many kinds of love. The plot is very well worked out, with several twists and turns. If you are looking for a lot of gratuitous sex, this is not for you, but if you are looking for a tender, sometimes frightening, and ultimately beautiful story, give it a read.

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