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Neil Gaiman's A Calendar of Tales.


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Blackberry has released Neil Gaiman's 'A Calendar of Tales', twelve short, short stories, as a free PDF.

Gaiman asked a question on twitter related to each month and picked a reply he liked as the theme for that tale. I've only read January, but if that's anything to go by - and you like Neil Gaiman's writing - then this should be a definite keeper. :icon_thumleft:

It's here: http://keepmoving.blackberry.com/desktop/en/us/ambassador/neil-gaiman.html

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Here's a wonderful address Neil Gaiman made at a graduation ceremony at the University of the Arts. What he says applies to everything, not just the arts. Watch it and enjoy!

Colin :icon_geek:

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Thanks, Colin. Gaiman is a natural at oratory, and he clearly energized his audience. Behind him at the podium, though, sits the institution's faculty, and there's some lady professor who seriously needs a potty break.

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