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Exit Stage Left by Chris James

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I am thoroughly enjoying reading Exit Stage Left by Chris James. My wife and I are frequent theater goers. (Yes, I'm married, yes I'm gay, as explained in The New Job.) One of the joys of living in NYC is the ability of taking in an Off-Broadway show or two every weekend - as much as our budget allows. I've always been fascinated by what makes for a good stage set, but this story is really making me think more about what goes on behind the scenes. For example, last week we saw the play Belleville, which is a rather depressing play that takes place entirely in a Paris apartment. Although not fancy, the attention to detail in the set was astounding. When the actors open a window to the outside, not only does the traffic noise become louder, but the temperature in the theater drops. Amazing.

Kudos to Chris for making the theater so real, and helping me to appreciate the work behind the plays we see.

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Such kind thoughts, my thanks to all of you. What author could avoid writing such a self-aggrandizing story and casting personal experience in a leading role? In all I got to use vignettes of real life events, try to disguise the names of the famous perpitrators and have fun at their expense. Theater will bare all in the long run...at least backstage.

But the fun isn't over, there are still some weeks of chapter posting ahead...and then there is the sequel to contemplate. Hopefully you will feel your patience is well rewarded. :smile:

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It seems appropriate to put forward Chris James’s work in the “Picks from the Past.”  

For some reason I thought I had read the “Exit” series but I find that I have not after all. So this is even more appropriate for me. 


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