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El Tigre- East of Rio by DJ

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How wonderful, Awesomedude author DJ (Dee Jones) has finally published her El Tigre- East of Rio, Book One on Kindle (Amazon $2.99).

One of her most delightful action adventure stories, I am glad to see her putting it out there beyond the story sites. Like most books on Kindle, word of mouth is one of the best ways of spreading the news and so I hope everyone here will mention it to friends and family.

One of the few women authors who has successfully written gay oriented stories, I was introduced to her when she posted The Bull Singer some years ago. At the time I believe she was concerned about working her way through gay relationships from a woman's point of view, but her emotionally charged dialogue and characterizations were perfectly done.

El Tigre is a broad look at military intrigue and government corruption in a small South American setting. She handles American characters very well for an English writer, only proving that language is not a barrier in her work. You can read the story here or spend a few dollars to carry it around in Kindle format...I would choose the latter.

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Our best wishes go to DJ as she moves into the world of 'published authors.' We have removed the web version of East of Rio from AD and hope those who'd like to read this fine story will purchase the Kindle version mentioned above and for which Camy has so kindly provided the links. This is one of my all time favorite stories in the nearly nine years AD has been around!

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