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What are the odds of this much talent in one family?

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We have chatted about talented young people here before but this story seems unique. I can see one boy in a family applying himself to somethng like this but not three brothers.

Perhaps I don't understand Cuban culture enough. But I can see that in order to move up in a poor economy one must have great talent and artistic ability counts. A life in the ballet is certainly no picnic for the dancer and it is very competitive. Maybe they support one another, that would be the best kind of family activity.

Good going, I wish them well. Now all they need is a ballet that can incorporate all three of them on stage at one time. Is there such a thing?

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Not just triplets, but identical triplets – something that is very rare. In the United States the odds of having triplets is about 1 in 7,921 births. The odds of having identical triplets is about 1 in 62,500 births.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Yes, but. Even though they are all formed from the same egg, and thus fulfill the scientific definition of being identical, each is in fact a different person: '...while the boys share the same DNA and have been trained by the same instructors, they have unique personalities that show up in their dance. One is more mischievous, another more serious, the third the most talkative.

"They have the same physical form, the same configuration of legs and arms, but in their minds, each one is unique," Rodriguez said.'

Vive la difference.

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And for those in the UK, or the naughty folk elsewhere using a proxy server, the BBC web site in the magazine section now has this subtitled feature.I guess it's really an interview, but edited such that boys' words stand alone.


The reason the BBC output is limited to the UK is it's paid for by the UK TV licence fee. bbc.com exists for the rest of the world, but it takes advertising and does not have the same content.

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