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Train Wreck

Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

I am a horrible person. I don't try to be - honest! I try to be good - kind to others, not cut people off in traffic and not hit the horn too long when the dirty *&%# do it to me. I have dogs and a kid to care for, not to mention the partner - but I can't take my eyes off this. I worked for a guy once that, I am now convinced, I loved to bitch about oo much to walk away from. Either that or I had some twisted idea that he'd wake up one day and be reasonable. The part that gets me most is...now people want to go eat there, in case they have a meltdown right there. I know, I know - dinner theater is not dead.

But really, last stop on the crazy train right here.

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Wow, I sat open mouthed and, for the first time, felt really sorry for Ramsey. :sneaky: Highly entertaining!


For those who live locally:

SCOTTSDALE, AZ. MAY 15, 2013 -- Amy’s Baking Company will host a Grand Re-Opening on Tuesday night, May 21, following unflattering portrayals on national television.



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Guest Dabeagle

I don't like reality TV, all the clips or promos I have seen for Gordon Ramsey had me convinced he's an arrogant ass and I had never watched him. I was clicking around Buzzfeed and found the article and then couldn't help but watch the video...just insane.

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