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the Place in Between

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Good music, although the songs ran out before I finished the story. Over the years I have read quite a few stories about boys who come from poverty engaged in less than legal activities, even wrote a few of those myself.

It always makes me wonder if the allure of the dollar is so powerful that a young man will cross a line without any enduring consequences. I met boys like this in a large eastern city, they worked for me as laborers. Some of them had no problem relating the sexual encounters as a business transaction since of course they were never gay.

Perhaps the gay boys would just bite their tongues and never admit to the activity. But just as James relates, they will take the way out when offered.

It has to feel demeaning, not to mention the legal risk. So thanks, James, for a look at reality not often expressed because we all see it as depraved behavior. Given the luck of the draw any one of us could have been forced to participate, and how screwed up would that have been?

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Hey, I'll have you know that not only is John Fogerty's song "The Old Man Down the Road" is not from the 1970s, it's from 1984... but I only know that because I worked on that music video for director Jerry Kramer. :cool:

But a good song, nonetheless. I also did the concert video to promote his Centerfield album. Very difficult concert in terms of editing and post.

James story is at this link: http://www.awesomedu..._in_between.htm

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