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I Can See Clearly Now by Phillip Marks

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The Short Story column is filled with great material this week, stories by Cole Parker, Rick Beck and James Savik...and then I read the story by Phillip Marks.

His running series on the Human Calculus ended abruptly and in its place I discovered I Can See Clearly Now. By the clues on the story page this is not a newly developed piece, just a well edited new delivery on the AD site...and a most welcome addition.

A life story that follows through several years in the development of the characters, and for them some of it is pretty difficult going although every moment rings true. Gay relationships which develop at a young age are often the most trying without an instruction manual, and there is no such thing.

How easy it would be if the world would stand aside and let love develop at its own pace. A serious look at boys in love and the aspects of their relationship that make it difficult. Although not part of the Human Calculus this is very much a human story with moments that chill and others to warm the heart. Kudos to Phillip for a well done story.

You will find it here: http://www.awesomedu...clearly_now.htm

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I have read about a third of the story so far and I am impressed! It has wonderful descriptions of the environment, the homes, the people, their feelings, their fears. A remarkable story and I am looking forward to reading the rest. I am also enjoying the allusions to the culture of the late sixties and seventies. I highly recommend "I Can See Clearly Now!"

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This story slugs you right between the eyes if you are old enough to have experienced any part of the era Phillip Marks is describing here. There are places in this story where I had to stop reading and pace and curse and experience all over again the hurt of having lived at a time when the world was an alien, savagely dangerous place. This is a beautifully wrought and immensely moving portrayal.

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