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A crazy book idea...

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It's amazing what will get published these days. Some books seem to contain ideas that boggle the mind and cost a pretty penny to boot. Here's the latest:


If you think Steve Barry has discovered something hidden for centuries then think again. Just your basic Wikipedia view of Elizabeth the First's information will contradict the plot for this book. Okay, she was a strange woman but Englishmen should be outraged over this silliness in print.

She was 25 when she became queen and ruled for 45 years. I'd say that's a long time to hide a penis unless the author will go on to claim she was also a recipient of transgender surgery.

Go ahead and buy the book if you wish, I sure won't. But if you do then save room for it on the bookshelf next to that copy of the one about aliens from Mars building the pyramids in Egypt you bought last year.

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Guest Dabeagle

The article doesn't mention if this is the Steve Berry I am familiar with, as it doesn't list any past works, etc. Looking into it further, it seems it is - and you should know that he blends history with fiction to, normally, good effect. At the end of the book he tells you what is fact, and what he made up which can be fun. He has written a book about the Knights Templar being in the modern world as a secret society, he's written about the two young Romanov children having been spirited to the west coast, etc. Don't think that he presents this as fact - try him out. I especially liked the Templar one.

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