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Two Gay Boys- a beautiful video

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The original film is called You are not Alone (1978), which you will discover at the end of this trailer. The soundtrack is in Danish but the DVD has English subtitles. A wandering tale of two boys at school, one of them about 15 and the other is the headmaster's son of about 13.

The long storyline into their developing relationship is often confusing but the cinematography is outstanding. There is nudity in several shower scenes but nothing meant to be overtly sexual. The buildup to a very touching ending is well worth the viewing and just might make you cry.

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When I bought the movie YANA back in the 80's only a VHS was available and some of the scenes show in the trailer were not available.

As my VHS player is 'gone with the wind' looks like acquiring the DVD is a good idea.

Lovely, lovely movie from Denmark.

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