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Lessons from Dodge Ball

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Dodge Ball...did you play that in school as a child? Too bad it is now banned in most schools as teaching a child violence and we can't have that. The physical act of throwing a ball at someone else is fairly easy but it is also a chance to bully a smaller less developed individual. (My Phys Ed teacher always managed to keep us so far apart that often the ball never made it to the other side of the gym.) But what about tossing words?


I agree with those who have commented after this article....these guys are way too obsessed with sex of the gay kind for a couple of (supposedly) straight men. I beg to differ with their logic. Boy Scouts are not encouraging gay boys to join, the gay boys are already there and always have been.

The great American pastime of throwing hateful words has grown from civil discourse to blatant mudslinging and the subject matter has become more absurd over time. I might remind these pastors ($29.95 for a diploma from the Christian Factory of Pastoritis) that religion does not require hate speech from its followers. It's like these guys are being cloned somewhere and turned loose.

I am no media expert, but radio shows are expensive and hate speech seems to attract money. But since the hate speech team seems to be at bat every day it requires the gay team to buy new uniforms every year and step up to the plate. What I wouldn't give to see a dodge ball game between these pastor guys and a gay team. You know where my money would be.

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