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Hi everyone and welcome to the brand new Readers' Comments Forum

If you are a reader of the great stories at AwesomeDude and would like to send comments and/or feedback to your favorite AD author but for one reason or another are not an AD Forums member, then this is the place for you!

You can make your views known on a story posted at AD or address its author by just adding your comments and typing <ENTER> no membership needed.

We only ask that when posting you observe common courtesy and the good manners you would use when meeting that story's writer in person.

Even though by joining the AwesomeDude Community Forums will you can post in any of our open forums, this is the place to make your views known if you prefer not to join.


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Hello All,

I had hoped - in response to requests - to set up the Readers Comments Forum as a non-membership forum... meaning you could comment on stories and give feedback to our AD Authors without having to register as a member. Unfortunately, the designers of this software - with all good intent - set up these forums to be members only for security purposes. That frees all of us from incessant commercial spam and undesirable posts. Problem is... to post you have to have a name and the software doesn't make any allowance for a 'temporary' name.

So, wel have removed the Readers' Comments Forum and merged the posts there into the Reader's Rule forum, the original forum for comments by readers. For space purposes we moved several other reader-oriented forums under Readers Rule a couple of years ago. I'm splitting them all into separate forums again and we ask you to bite the bullet, register and post your comments.

In case you're concerned about security...don't be, the only information about you we need is your email address your login name and a password. That password is not available to me or to any other member of the AwesomeDude Community, In fact, if you lose your password, I can reset a temporary one for you as even I can't access your password information.

I might note that in the past couple of weeks since we've put the Readers' Comments 'out front' that membership registrations have taken an upswing. So... by putting Readers Rule 'out front' I hope we'll spark more comments from casual readers.

You are all most welcome to comment, in fact, in any of our forums. This is a community of readers, writers, editors and one beleaguered webmaster. I'm sure we all fall into one of those categories. If you are just a guest and lurking in the shadows, please DO sign up and join in the fun. If you have any difficulty with the sign up process... please email me at dude@awesomedude.com and I'll set you up manually.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


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