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I'm wondering if anyone here uses a Chromebook (for those not in the know: Chrome is Google's cloud operating system, and there are a range of cheap netbooks running it).

I ask because I'm thinking of getting one and wonder if you really can manage without programmes running locally. Or do you need a 'serious' computer as well?


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Netbooks are tough. I use one occasionally for my job, and have to use 2X reading glasses to read the tiny type. Not fun.

The Google Chrome laptops look underpowered to me. I use too much name-brand software that needs heavier-duty operating systems to consider it. But for certain things -- getting email, surfing the web, etc. -- they can work to a point. So can something like an iPad or a Galaxy Note, stuff like that.

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I considered it but decided against it for several reasons. I want to store my files myself and not in one of Google's server farms. I also don't like Google Docs as a word processor. And, you don't have a hard drive with one. You can use only the programs that are already in the flash memory or which you buy from the Google store and use online. But the main reason is that I don't want Google to know absolutely everything about me. They store everything. They give you the programs. They control the word processor. They control everything. Its bad enough to use Microsoft, but for Google to run and know everything... I'm just not ready to let Big Brother in the form of Google take over my life yet. I know its coming, I just want to resist as long as possible before I join the collective.

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