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A video for Americans. Don't need no Brits or Canadians here!

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We get scorned enough already without outside sniping. So Americans only. (Yeah, like that's going to work!)

This is quite informative. A very good video.

Yes, I know about this because my granddad is on Medicare and he's a HICAP counselor helping people about to join Medicare or already have Medicare, and he filled me in on the whole medical costs topic.

Here's another must-view. We watched the Moyers & Company September 20th episode with Robert Reich. It's definitely worth the 56.46 minute show — even if you're not an citizen or resident of the U.S.A.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Haven't you heard....greed is good. I think it's in the Constitution somewhere, after all, American businessmen wrote that document.

Capitalism is supposed to be the engine that drives the economy, and yet the tenants of that economic system only drive us crazy. Crazy unless you are one of those big businesses involved in the rape of the American wallet. And don't get me wrong, the government is in on the assault.

Just a for instance: A drug company spends a 20 million dollars in developing a new drug. Well that's not totally true, most drugs are variations on older medicines with a few new ingredients. So this company charges a high price for this new medicine. That's a high price to you an me, not the pharmacy.

So this pill costs two cents worth of chemicals to make, the pharmacy pays a dollar to carry it and charges the customers three dollars a pill. The drug company will moan and groan about the cost of development and how they have to make back their costs. Of course the pill has been on the market for 10 years and their return on the development has netted them over a billion dollars. Development costs? Bah, Humbug. Chances are the drug company received a government subsidy somewhere along the line so the taxpayers got screwed. Where's the return on our investment?

The profit percentages I describe here are just random numbers since drug companies do not publish the real numbers. But the markups are made each time a product changes hands, that's capitalism. No matter the loaf of bread costs ten cents to make, we pay four dollars, and that's for the cheap unhealthy stuff. You figure out who makes all the profit. Shameful isn't it.

But why should government try to control drug costs? They prevent the importation of the same drug made by the same company from a Canadian source so we must pay the higher cost. Our representatives in the Congress don't mind, the tax payers buy their medication. A for instance is that the Public Health Services building in D.C. has it's own pharmacy for government employees...and with an ID card the cost of medicine is nothing.

The guy who made this video certainly knows what he is talking about. The Affordable Care Act is not socialized medicine. No matter what the tea baggers say it is still the medical insurance industry and government in collusion. There is no free lunch in America.

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