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You get the feel for this in context... As I understand it (Welsh for "I could be wrong but I don't think so...")

These are French teenage boys, singing in the cathedral of the Bishop of the Army, accompanied by the musicians of the French Foreign Legion! Imagine it... these guys are bursting with pride... it must be a dream come true. You can see it in their faces!

The Foreign Legion! The toughest guys and France and singing with them and for them... Wow!

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Here they are singing the Marseillaise.

To these kids these aren't just musicians... at Dien Bien Phu, in a final attempt to reinforce the redoubt, it was the musicians and cooks of the Foreign Legion who were among the force parachuted in from so low an altitude that half were killed by the drop itself. These kids are singing with every French boy's heroes... and for an audience containing France's most senior generals. Aren't they proud!... what a day... every boy should have at least one day like that


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