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Dr. Who- The Fiftieth Anniversary Episode!


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I'm so jealous!!!! At this very moment, as I write this post, it's 2:45 in the afternoon in the middle of America, but it's 8:45 in the UK and Dr. Who is kissing Queen Elizabeth (according to the live blog on The Guardian site) and I can't watch it! BAH. The BBC is showing the 50th Anniversary episode and I am sure all good British Awesome Dudes are glued to the telly. I am reduced to reading the live blog on The Guardian and reading the snarky comments of their readers. I want to watch it!!!!!!!!!! I love Matt Smith and David Tennant, but my favorite was Tom Baker. Unfortunately, those are the only three Time Lords I've seen-- oh I did see one episode decades ago with the guy who played Tristan on All Things Great and Small. I expect a complete report from across the pond on EVERYTHING that happened!

God Save the Queen.

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Darn it. I don't have BBC America on my cable subscription. I have only the basic plus package. One of these years, I'm going to have to break out the crowbar and open my wallet for the better package. As it is, I can watch British shows on PBS, but they're usually delayed a few months or years. We don't get Downton Abbey until January.

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