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Ron Burgundy With the News

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As a purist when it comes to television news-- I hate the two-hour-long morning gigglefests that masquerade as news on Today and Good Morning America, and the Entertainment Tonight style of the evening newscasts-- I should hate this. Nor am I a Will Farrell fan. I still pray for the resurrection of Walter Cronkite and the thousand years of peace. However....

You have to watch this. Its either a further sign of the degeneration of television news or a brilliant marketing move by the producers of Anchorman 2. Ron Burgundy last night co-anchored the evening news on KXMB in Bismark, North Dakota. He really did. The story on The Huffington Post has a link to the entire newscast or to highlights. Watch his heroic co-anchor desperately trying to keep a straight face as she struggles to remain professional! Its great.


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Haha, nice!

Also, I noticed that toward the bottom of that article, there was a series of pictures of people appearing on the news with unusual captions/identifiers, including mad genius author Alan Moore appearing on BBC News:


Man, what a great resume.

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They are flogging the living hell out of Anchorman 2. I think Will Ferrell is desperately trying to make sure this movie does better than his last four or five flops.

And BTW, let me say that I worked on Mr. Ferrell's 2007 film Blades of Glory for a couple of months, and he was very nice and low-key throughout the shoot, and was very even-tempered to everybody, and funny on camera. In fact, his ad-libs were about three times funnier than the script.

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