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Bi Janus

Out on the perilous deep
Where dangers silently creep
And storms so violently sweep
You're drifting too far from the shore

Drifting too far from the shore (from the shore)
Drifting too far from the shore (peaceful shore)
Come to Jesus today, let him show you the way
You're drifting too far from the shore

—Charles E. Moody (1923)

The shore vaguely recalled
the expanse now home
and no clear path
I shall find my own

Storm spun or glass
no avatar strides
the deep ocean
no idea instructs

The great vehicle
carries me on
I am all and alone
boat and sailor

Starless sky comforts
Boundless sea comforts
Shoreless, I came from this
to this I gladly return

For the shore is a prison

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