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Book Titles for a Dirty Mind

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Oh you are so right...about the dirty mind bit anyway. I went ahead and looked up the first book. It's a guide to Sunday School Workers. Of course, if that worker included certain eclessiastical types, that might still be for the dirty mind.

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These are wonderful volumes from the Age of Innocence. The "Boys Life" cover is priceless. In later life I've wondered about the Hardy Boys, but when I read them all I, too, was innocent, alas. I remember how devastated I was when I learned that "Franklin W. Dixon" was a house name used for dozens of writers grinding out copy. Didn't the Hardy Boys enjoy a short run on TV?

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Yeah, but they weren't as good as the books. I always identified with Joe, but I was a second child, too, so perhaps that was the reason.

I also read the Rick Brandt books, the Ken Holt books, the Tom Quest books, and the Mercer Books books. My mother always complained I read too many novels.


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We never had books like that when I was growing up (meaning in middle school). We had something a lot more nifty. :aak[1]:

Colin :icon_geek:

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Being of a similar vintage, I confess to having had access to radio plays and comic books. Literature came much later for me.

As a point of interest, there was a marked division between the books the working class children were encouraged to read, as opposed to those offspring who were destined for a so-called, higher learning.

The Internet has levelled the playing field somewhat, with the notable exception of those poor kids who have been religiously indoctrinated rather than encouraged to explore their faculty of questioning, critical thinking.

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I agree with Cole, novels are a boy's delight. Tom Swift, Tom Quest, The Hardy Boys...not great literature but they did get me excited when I read them. The modern take on boy's adventure stories would be Harry Potter. I am for anything that makes a child read and yearn for adventure. Everything on television is boring and the best things in life are on the pages of a good book.

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