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Were The World Mine


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I had to look it up as I was certain that I had already seen this movie, and I had.

Were the World Mine was released in 2008 and I remember loving its cheeky take on Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

The movie won quite a few awards and was popular as a rental DVD in our store.

Like the Shakespeare it is a fantasy and is best viewed with that in mind. Although, I knew a few guys who were intent on trying to mix Cupid's elixir for the effect of Love. :wub:

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Yes, I realized it is not a new release, Des. The reason I posted the trailer is that those who have Netflix will now find it there.

I thought it was great as I addore Midsummer Night's Dream.

It was very well done, clever and entertaining.


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I didn't mean to seem critical, Mike. It was just that the trailer reminded me that I liked the movie, and despite searching, I couldn't verify that I had posted about the movie when it first came out. I thought I had but evidently I hadn't.

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Good movies are always worth watching more than once.

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