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Erectiong a Spider Man Statue

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I'd say he was taped and tucked away like a ballet dancer. I have actually worn the Spiderman costume way back in 1981 for a publicity stunt. (I was the only staff member who could fit into the costume.) I can tell you that the costume itself does flatten things out. That was for the 1977 film, released in cinemas here in Australia. It starred Nicholas Hammond as Spidey, and believe it or not, Nicholas Hammond and I share the same 15th May birthday, mine being six years earlier than his.

Can't say I like the layered look of the latest costume.
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Call that a gun? That's not a gun.

This is a gun!


Using 'world's largest dildo' I searched google images for an amusing pic, and, though I like to think I'm not a prude, I was shocked by some of the disturbing stuff there. For instance: I had no idea you could actually fit a foot up an arse. Who on earth could think that's a good idea? You'd get short shrift if you tried it with me.... Or am I being overly sensitive?

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