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News from Spain

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I found a story on the internet today about a couple in Spain arrested at an ATM location for having sex. Unfortunately, the accompanying picture of them in the act doesn't display here. But, it wasn't the picture but the words that accompanyed it that had me howling.

Here's what they said. You'll have to image the accmpanying picutre of a couple, a naked man on top of a naked woman next to an ATM machine:

Let's hope this ATM doesn't have a withdrawal fee.

This week, onlookers snapped NSFW photos of this couple having sex next to an ATM in Oviedo, Spain, according to the Sun.

[Picture here]

A large crowd gathered around and eventually, as Gawker explains, "the cops came before the couple did," but the pair just got a warning, no jail time.

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So sex in the streets of Oviedo, Spain, is a spectator sport? So much for the morals of that decidedly Catholic (76%) country. I understand dogs copulating in the street as a natural function, they really don't give a crap about us watching, but a hetero couple? They should have been arrested for public indecency if for no other reason than there were probably children in the crowd. I can't imagine what they were thinking.

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From the picture, which could probably be posted by a more computer-literate person -- which, come to think of it, Mike is, and he has a copy -- it appeared the ATM machine was in a closed space, as the couple were getting their frisky on between one wall of the enclosure and the machine itself, so it didn't appear to be out in the open, like a lot of our ATMs are. Still, the article spoke of spectators.


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I thought the woman wearing them was especially dear, and then realized, from the pic, there wasn't much evidence it was a woman. But I also wondered why, in the throes of passion, the guy had removed his belt entirely from his jeans. I mean, if you're going to engage in sex in a place like this, one would assume there had to be a throe or two involved, wouldn't one? And so who'd have time to entirely pull his belt free?


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Coming from the age of fast, on-the-run (so to speak) promiscuity in clandestine environments, I have to say that I never wore a belt when seeking such favours. In fact, I came to the conclusion that narrow leather belts were the domain of heterosexuals who had no sense of the availability of instantaneous pleasure. But yes, I agree the belt laying isolated on the floor, devoid of human interaction is an anomaly that caught my attention. Was the belt cast aside in the furore of foreplay, momentary as it may have been, or was it the instigator of fleshy welts of desire? We may never know.

On the other hand the whole scene is reminiscent of the Inquisition's torture chamber.

What could have brought these two to suddenly drop everything (so to speak) and just fling themselves into a pit of passion?

Did they discover that the ATM was out of funds and thus decide to skip the excuse of monetary rewards?

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I think the affair was entirely incestuous from the evidence to be seen. It's very likely they share a mother, and she bought her children identical socks.

That's a plot worthy of a Cole Parker story.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Let's see. The brother, Anton, has been lusting after the sister. He gets drunk and follows her to a bar, where he watches her flirting with the male patrons. He gets more drunk. She leaves to get more money at a nearby ATM. He follows, stumbling out, drunk as a polecat -- can't say skunk because it's too cliched -- and follows, but looses her, then, way down the street, catches sight of her, or really just her socks, which he recognizes as they're identical to his own. Stumbles after her and sees the socks turn into an AMT kiosk. When he enters, he sees her blurry form with her back to him. He strips off, then attacks. She is very responding and it seconds they're thrashing around on the floor, in the throes of passion.

They hear sirens but ignore them. Then they hear voices, and he hears one above all the others, "That's him. That's my brother. Didn't know he was queer, though." And it's then Anton notices it's not his sister, definitely not his sister, beneath him.

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