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Ray Comfort planning new movie - this time against homosexuality

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Ray Comfort is a rather bizarre Christian evangelist known for not understanding even the most basic facts science, much to the amusement of many who have heard his hilarious and erroneous rants. Unfortunately, far too many take what he says seriously.

Now he's planning a new movie. This one to help explain to the public how to help the poor, sad, homosexuals see the error of their ways.

Sigh. I really, really hope there are no questioning teens dragged to this by their bigoted parents. This kind of thing is the very last thing they need.


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I have yet to encounter a single one of these idiots who can explain to me how gay people are hurting them, and how gay marriage makes straight marriage anything less. The vast amount of research and public opinion are way against them.

The pathology (from the Greek roots of pathos (πάθος), meaning "experience" or "suffering", and -logia (-λογία), "an account of") of this particular disease is peculiar. It comes from two directions, often at once: the political and the religious.

The political root can be two fold: appealing to existing bigotry or creating scapegoats. Many, many politicians use the appeal of pure bigotry by quoting supposed anti-gay scripture or calling for "biblical punishments" of homosexuals.

The subtly different spin on appealing to bigotry is scapegoating: the hurricane came because of the Southern Decadence festival in New Orleans. The country is failing because it's soft on homosexuals. The economy is bad because all the homosexuals have the jobs. This is very dangerous because it is how Nazis created an atmosphere of pure hatred of the Jews in the 20's and 30's in which holocaust was made possible.

With the Religious Nuts, it's not about your harming them. They are concerned about the state of your soul. They want you to suffer enough to give up your un-godly hobby and have babies like sane people.

The big religious phonies are afraid that their favorite alter boys are going to wise up and run off with a gay and get married.

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They say all politics is local and I'd add that most religions are local, at least around here. The preacher who rails against homosexuals from his pulpit and insists that hetero marriage is God's will is protecting his revenue sources by encouraging continued growth in his congregation's birthrate. Local churches are locally supported and the collection plate cannot depend upon gay contributors to keep those preachers in their Cadillacs.

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