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Toronto School Board Trustee Called Out on Anti-Gay Rants

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Toronto school board trustee Sam Sotiropoulos in an interview regarding his hateful and bigoted comments and tweets. This is an official responsible for public school policy, folks. (From the same city that brought mayor Rob Ford to the world.)

This is a man who claims that 'Canada is under attack by "homosexism,"' and describes disseminators as "maliciously rabid." He also describes himself as, "A victim of that homosexism," and further states as a response to people standing up for their rights, "I will not be bullied."

Read the article and watch the video.

Be aware, the interviewer seems to be extremely inexperienced, and does a poor job as she allows herself to be drawn into a debate rather than simply asking question. She also repeats questions and seems flustered, though I give her kudos for not letting him off the hook when he becomes evasive. Have patience and watch the video all the way through. The worst part is at the end.


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Oh Canada...it seems we are all in the same boat with these local demi-gods who see the face of Jesus in their toast every morning and seek positions of authority to subvert the public good. These are the same people who saw communists under their beds and aliens in the sky fifty years ago. They will never go away.

It takes a certain kind of mentality...perhaps like a frightened rabbit...to fear homosexuals, but then we are all over the news. At the moment Christianity is to blame for this irrational fear. Not just run of the mill Christians, but the rabid, foam at the mouth, born again haters. In countless articles we read about all the money they beg and the millions they spend on these hate campaigns while lining their own pockets. You can do most anything in this country if you are cloaked in religion.

I've never met God and I count that as a good thing. The Creator outlined in the Old Testament is a nasty old Jew, smiting right and left at his whim. But you can see what Christians have done with him while claiming to speak for him. Here is the latest example:


How silly we are as a species, as if swearing to an invisible deity binds us into some kind of pact. Nothing but words, and meaningless...unless it is used against this airman's job. The Air Force is not some religious order, it's a frickin job. To me this swearing business is job discrimination...and what would they have done if he was an atheist and gay?

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