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Apple CEO Comes Out!

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Tim Cook, Steve Jobs successor as Apple CEO, was never actually in the closet, but he has now officially confirmed in an interview with BusinessWeek that he is gay! As far as I know, he is the highest profile CEO to admit being gay. Its about time and good for him!


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I wonder how many uber-religious organizations will sell anything made by Apple that they use. They have a lot to fear/hate. And besides, it's contagious, isn't it?

Colin :icon_geek:

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Not so far-fetched, Colin. The American population is easily led into paranoia. A good many years after WWII many people believed that all Japanese-made automobiles were programmed to explode on some unnamed day and kill us all. German vehicles were actually listening posts for a resurgent Third Reich.

Now certain groups have got Apple to worry about. Handle your Apple device, then pick your nose, and the gay gene will be implanted...

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