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Is it now un-American to eat Chinese food?

Chris James

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It seems this issue has been going on forever without resolution. No, I am not talking about the MSG in our Chinese food but something much worse.

Hackers in China have invaded the web and stolen access to sensitive material. The Russians are doing it, too, but it seems more obvious that the government of the Chinese mainland, and their military, is backing this effort. It is all well and good that a lot of our government and military sites are hardened against such attacks, but for how long?


You may not think the National Weather Service is a vital organ of government but it is...read closely in the article. I think it is nice that President Obama is seeking climate change agreements with the Chinese, although if left to their own devices they will poison their own country very quickly. But at issue here is the whole validity of the web and hacking is an insidious crime. I have a few suggestions:

We know our military has a plan in case of war to deal with attacks on the web. Of course they do because their paranoia about enemy hacking is even greater than mine. In their plan I am sure they have plans to shut down another country's access to the web either by landlines or satellite communications. China simply needs to be told to stop their attempted breaches of security or they will be cut off...period.

They have their own brand of internet in China that allows them to censor what they want but they need to be removed from ours. Throw up an electronic wall for a while and watch what happens. Will they nuke us in retaliation? I doubt it because despite the bluster their military is in pretty bad shape.

Our economy is tied to theirs but I bet we could do without Chinese goods at Wal-Mart for a while if they decide to stop the flow of commerce, but that will kill their economy in a heartbeat. At this point I believe their form of government is teetering on the brink of failure. I doubt if they will push their luck. Let's stop being the nice guys.

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I can't wait to see Jerry Brown's face when the Chinese come to repossess California.

Never happen. Jerry will offer them Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida instead. There's no way they could possibly turn down that offer. He knows how to give away things that aren't his. That's salesmanship!

BTW, funny song. Doug also thinks it's funny. He's Chinese.

Colin :icon_geek:

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