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Guest Dabeagle

...and Merkin, though Graeme asked more.

I'll just leave this here. Coincidentally, this week in 1985 this charted for the first time in the US and hit #7. From Dream Academy....

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Powerful evocation of an era and the sort of landscapes I'd thought I'd put well behind me. The black & white photography well suits this clip; I grew up in a gray and gritty Northeastern riverside town where the sun was seldom seen in winter, thanks to the constant lake-effect overcast from Lake Erie. The skyline was dominated by the local "plant" where most men were on shift-work and most mothers stayed home and wore aprons over housedresses. Any kid who aspired to a broader horizon was suspect of various deviant tendencies, and I spent most of my after-school hours working in the local Carnegie library until I could go away to college and escape.

Thanks, DaBeagle, for the flashback. Quite a jolt.

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