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I have never read an article so forthright as the following and it leaves me with the question: why should we accept home schooled children in our universities?


To further the debate over home schooled children you have to ask how can a child steeped in the notion of creationism be accepted into the science classes of a university based upon evolution? Using the Bible as a textbook leaves a lot to be desired since much of it is fictional and based upon ancient myth and not facts.

I would venture that any student with a home schooling program should be required to take a graduation exam from a state educational board. Sure, these kids may be smart, although without the social skills within any group dynamic of their peers. We cannot certify narrowly educated students with a college degree and not expect society to suffer.

I would be curious to hear what others think.

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Whereas I couldn't agree with you more passionately on a philosophical level, Chris, I don't know if you can make a blanket statement like you did. The facts don't bear out what you're saying.

I've known some home schooled kids. They were indoctrinated in the Bible, and even won a lot of Bible competitions for teens. Yeah, they have those. I argued their upbringing vociferously with the parents, and they adopted the smug, satisfied smile a lot of these people do. They knew what was best for their kids.

They had three kids and all graduated. One rebelled against the onerous religious training and broke away from the family after graduation. The other two got very high GPA's and finished at the top in their classes. One was a music major, the other philosophy; he's now going into law.

They're bright and smart. Yeah, I wouldn't want them teaching my kids science, but if they're not in professions that allow them to do something like that, denying them graduation seems a bit hard. How is an instrumentalist being a devout, fundamentalist Christian, going to hurt anyone?

They've turned out all right, and aren't nearly as deprived as I thought they'd be. To my surprise.


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Careful here- a lot of gay kids that are abused and harassed out of public school are taking the home school option.

If religious nuts are taking careful aim and shooting their own kids in the foot with their imaginary reality religious horse-shit, uhhh... fuck 'em.

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Because we're a free country and denying people the option to get a higher education is fundamentally against that?

Because homeschooling is not always based on religious reasons, but may be a reaction against the public schools in their area and private schools aren't an option?

Because for some families and people, a school setting for learning is a terrible idea?

Because for those homeschooled students that need a way OUT, going away to college is a great way to get them out of that environment?

All due respect, but I don't think you've thought your position through, here. And I don't think a Salon article is a good place upon which to form an opinion about homeschooling.

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