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Lumbersexual is the New Metrosexual

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Lumbersexuals, ...oh give me a f*ckin break..

One primary cause is that bohemian and so-called art colonies have become upscale high end gay resorts that has not only squeeze out the artists but also young gay guys fleeing home.

People that have money like the mantle of living in an "Art Colony" but they don't really like artists, eccentrics and low rent individuals.

In Provincetown I saw cops interrogating a young guy with a backpack and sandals to see if he had a place to stay and money to pay for it. If I was still living there, he could have stayed with me.

Places like Provincetown and all of Manhattan for that matter are untouchable without a stock portfolio or a high paying job.

I believe that young artists and writers, that have no money, are where the new ideas come from and that this trend renders places like New Hope Pa, dead.

The thing is that the young gay guys are disaffected by all this and are looking for new places to establish themselves. So if you discover where, let me know.

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