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John Cleese introduces the end of the show for the Prince of Wales 60th birthday. Don't be offput by the opening ballet number it soon gets hysterical, over the top and bloody marvellous as only the Brits can do.
Prince Harry is in attendance, too. Even the operatic Fat Lady sings at the end.

The full evening's performance is here: EDIT: Except that it doesn't have the ending which is the clip above, and I'm suspicious that some other acts are missing, oh well enjoy, even if it is from 2008.


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Too bad they missed a close up of the hottie red-head who was last onto the stage.

Interestingly enough BBC has just aired the first of a two-part documentary on Reinventing The Royals and the efforts of Charles' PR team to rehabilitate him after the Diana/Camilla affair.

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