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Thalys bars gay kissing

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A Thalys, the international high speed rail consortium in Europe, official stopped two women kissing on the platform in Paris. They said it would be alright to kiss if they were a man and a woman but same sex kissing was not acceptable. A complaint was made to Thalys but they appear to have taken no action. There is no a petition to Thalys over the issue. Please consider signing it. You can find it here:


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Just received the following information with regard to this issue:

We won big time! Thalys' CEO has directly replied to the 60,000 of us who signed the petition to support Mirjam, an All Out member who was bullied by a Thalys employee, just for kissing her girlfriend goodbye on the train platform.

Thalys replied to our petition announcing an update of the full company staff training. They will even use Mirjam’s unfortunate homophobic experience in future trainings, to make sure that no customer is ever treated so shamefully again.

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