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Unfunny...and yet...

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Satire often fails to hit the mark, but I understand what these people at the Onion are trying to do...I just don't like it.


Ever since the international organizations of psychiatric doctors have removed homosexuality as a listed medical condition I often wonder how these reparative therapy people manage to gain acceptability. Certainly all forms of medical insurance will not pay for this and they should not.

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IT'S A JOKE. I thought it was funny. Read what they're saying: Reparative Therapy doesn't work because everyone who completes the treatments ends up committing suicide. Typical The Onion going over the edge to be funny as they make you think.

I sent this article to Doug, Chris, Steve, Liz, Annie, and a bunch of my friends. They all thought it was funny and they got the message. I guess you have to be younger...

Colin :icon_geek:

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I got the message. I just wasn't sure if the way the message was delivered was funny. Amusing, I suppose, but I thought it was borderline as to whether it crossed the line from funny into stupid. I do know that that line is a very personal thing, though. I thought Seinfield generally crossed that line, but I knew a lot of people who disagreed.

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