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Percy Sledge and the word's best love song

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Sorry to report the death of Percy Sledge at age 74. For those of you who are old enough to remember soul music.

His song When a Man loves a Woman was released in 1966 and stayed number one on the charts for a long. long time. In the following decade it kept cropping up on the radio just to prove how enduring the emotional song was at the time, and still is.

There was a boarder at my high school who must have played this song fifty times a day, but then he never had great luck with the ladies. Too bad, we would have welcomed him to the dark side :)

This song still keeps going round in my head: https://youtu.be/7lp7FtJXp7k

(sorry about the 15 second commercial intro)

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Ah... memories!

I introduced that song on WWKE (KeyRadio) in Ocala, Florida. Of course, in those days I was known as 'Mike.. the Tiger.'

That, incidently, was the year I spent -almost entirely- barefoot!

RIP, Percy... RIP!

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