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I really like where this show is going. What we see in this video are the defining moments of a new generation because we know the young gay population is watching to see themselves...and isn't that grand. It was like watching an AD story come to life in the script...and don't we as authors wish that was so. Thanks for sharing, Dude.

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For those who've never seen the series... here is a synopsis (thanks to Wikia)

Connor and Jude are classmates and best friends. The two met in math class and occasionally talk in school. For most of the series, Connor is Jude's only real friend in school, something to the concern of Stef later on in the series. The two officially form their bond as close friends when Connor defends Jude after he is bullied for wearing blue nail polish by showing up at school proudly wearing nail polish as well. Ever since this, the two maintain a steady and strong friendship. However, in season 1b, Jude begins to question if he may like Connor as more than a friend after getting jealous when Connor wants to ask out a female classmate. He goes to Lena for advice. Lena tells him that this kind of jealousy is common, whether platonic or romantic, and that his sexuality doesn't matter since they'll love him no matter what.

In season 2, their relationship faces new obstacles while also beginning to grow on whole new grounds. Connor's homophobic dad proves to be against their growing friendship due speculating that Jude may be gay. Although wanting to be friends, Connor is unable to stand up to his emotionally abusive father. Despite pressure from his father, the two manage to continue their friendship.

In season 2b, Connor and Jude's relationship begins to evolve from friendship to romance. It is first told that they did something "wrong" while in their tent on a school camping trip - which is at first said to have been a hook up with two girls. However, this is later revealed to be a lie, and what actually happened was the two boys shared a kiss themselves - a moment that they have promptly been ignoring ever since. Their relationship faces a stump when Connor gets a girlfriend, Daria, in order to please his father. This puts a major strain on their relationship. Despite this, Connor begins to flirt with Jude, such as locking pinkies with him while they are on a double date, before Jude finally demands to know where their relationship stands. Connor responds to this by kissing Jude again.

When the two sneak out with Daria and her best friend Taylor and "break into" Taylor's house, Connor is shot and sent to the hospital. Sick of his father's emotional abuse, Connor finally comes out to his dad and reveals he snuck out in order to spend time with Jude. After a brief ban from seeing each other as a result, Connor and Jude are finally reunited. In the end of the season, it is said that they are officially dating.

Season Three begins on Monday, June 8th on ABC Family. Previous episodes are available on Hulu and Netflix.


I personally believe this is the best series ABC is currently providing. I'm just about to work my way through the canceled My So-Called Life, however.

Interesting enough, Jennifer Lopez is one of the Executive Producers of the series bringing a positive Latino element to the series and Peter Paige (Emmett on Showtime's iconic Queer As Folk series is one of the actual producers. The series is set in San Diego and Jude and Connor will be in 8th Grade from the new season.

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Dude...perhaps as you view My So Called Life you will absorb the greatness which might have been. 19 episodes was not enough time to evolve the characters no matter how rich they seemed to be. No matter the hotness of Jared Leto's character, or the empathy I felt for some of the others, it was an ensemble cast that had such wonderful chemistry I could barely believe it was network television.

Over the years following cancellation we learned that it wasn't just ABC becoming concerned about the gay story involved but that Claire Danes wanted out to pursue an acting career in films, which she promptly did. My So Called Life was a one season wonder that seemed to change the face of the viewing audiences...a positive event.

I will have to go back and view these shows when I have the time and once again wonder at the character of Brian (Devon Gummersol) who seemed so geeky and felt like such a closet case. Given time and further episodes there may have been answers to my questions, but not now.

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