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FIFA in the news again

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So just when soccer, football to those of you overseas, was beginning to prosper here in the U.S we have this scandal. According to what you can read, and perhaps who you read, the pushback against this megalithic FIFA organization has been brewing for years.


Just like the Olympic committee, we have allegations flying hither and yon. The FBI is investigating all because these idiots laundered money in the U.S. banking system. Should have stuck with the Cayman Islands where they don't give a damn about legality.

People arrested, presidents resigning (Blatter deserved that) ...and yet I can't help wondering just how deep this corruption runs. And so now the media is digging. Those of you who followed this the past few weeks will remember old Vlad Putin backing the FIFA president and so today's article reminds us that Russia is next in line for the World Cup. Putin...naw, would he pass around bribe money?

I bet he did in a heartbeat, and after that multi-million dollar flop they called the Winter Olympics which left the Russians with a city filled with expensive sports facilities no one will use. Sorta like Brazil and the last World Cup. Why does any nation in their right mind want to hold these events?

Update: http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/soccer/fifa-executive-committee-member-blazer-admitted-bribes/ar-BBkEVBw?ocid=LENDHP

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So corrupt governments bribe the sports people, waste the taxpayers money on facilities that will never be used again and get away with this?

The people in Brazil are furious at the half finished highways and the empty stadiums remind them of the waste. Yeah, good luck having the World Cup in the U.S. anytime in the next century.

I am one of those who see sports as a waste of human effort and intelligence...kinda like television.

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"...kinda like television."

particularly when the television broadcasts sporting events.

I don't have a problem with people participating in sports, provided they don't tell me that god demands me to join in, or that I must act like I recently updated my frontal lobotomy.

Sport: competitive conformity.

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