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Virus alert on Joe My God site

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There is malware that puts an invisible frame around legitimate websites in order to serve bad stuff to unwitting visitors. I would advise some combination of (a) removing and reinstalling the web browser software program, in order to eliminate any hitchhiking add-ons, and (b) scanning with Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro to see what can be found. It's also not a bad idea to open the control panel, select Programs and Features, click on the header to show the programs in order of installation, and look at the most recent ones to see if they are ones you believe are legitimate, or whether there is something there that doesn't belong. Use Google to check on anything you can't properly identify.


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And please apply any Java updates that are pending - "a new java update is available" - you know, that little orange box in your system tray. These websites use java vulnerabilities to inject code into ads. When the ads are presented, you get malware if your java version contains a vulnerability, which is most of the time.

When you apply your java update, don't forget to uncheck any "offers" for the ask toolbar or yahoo web search.

I hate java.

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Thanks Guys. I have already run Malwarebytes...no objects found.

Java is latest update. I always look for added toolbars etc., when I'm installing or updating software

What seemed to be happening at JMG was the advertisements seemed to trigger the Avast anti-virus warnings, many of them, one after the other, but that might just be a coincidence.

The warnings ceased when I exited the JMG blog.

Anyway I thought I should post the alert above for all to see.

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I've seen other blog sites being reported and it's due to one or more suspect ads. The sites don't control the advertising and while malicious ads are usually withdrawn fairly fast, sometimes it takes a bit of time before the ad is identified and removed by the people controlling the ads.

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