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Harrison Lee- astonishing Aussie danseur

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If you enjoy ballet, and even if you don't but you appreciate achievement and hard work, the Australian danseur Harrison Lee will amaze you. Here are two videos of him dancing, first at the age of twelve in an astonishingly physical and, yet, graceful performance. The second is his winning performance at the 2015 Prix de Lausanne, the pinnacle for a young danseur. If you've read Dance of the Wicked Boys, Harrison Lee was Jeremy's age in the first video and Rafael's age in the second. I understand he now trains with the Royal Ballet in London.

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Not to detract from Harrison's magnificent presentation at Lausanne, but if you have time take a look at the full reel for the competition. I draw your attention to Acedo Austen, age 15, at 23:27 in. His sweet smile, graceful poise, and clear enjoyment of his performance indicate a potential for greatness worth noting.

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I did watch the full competition, including the performances at the end.

I'm glad i didn't have to judge who was best in shoe.

Oh, here is the link to the full show.

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I've been watching videos of him all morning now . . .

This is my favorite one of Harrison's that I came across.

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