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Journey Through Kajahri by Warren Powers


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Warren Powers was our first New Writers Series victim.. er participant. He came in early and was recipient of some mentoring help.

He has since gotten his drivers license and a car and has apparently discovered that great American institution "the back seat!" Unforunately, at 6'7" I wouldn't expect him to be able to make full use of it. Maybe he could pick up a used car from the set of Six Feet Under... ?

For whatever reason.. it has been a hell of a long time since updating his story, Journey Through Kahahri. He won't listen to me.. as I'm too familiar to him so I'm going to ask you all to help coax him back out and to finish the story he got going so well.

Go take a look at it again... polish up your comments and suggestions a put 'em out here. Maybe we can get him back on the path to the millions that can be earned by writing gay fiction on the web.

Thanks gang!

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Yes, you too could be making millions and millions as a gay fiction writer on the internet...just send $29.99 to aj@makemerich.com and i'll share my secrets for instant wealth...lol.

I read the first two chapters of "Journey" some time ago, and i still go back and check in from time to time, hoping to see another installment. If fan mail can motivate him to get back on the keyboard, then here it is: i liked what i saw in the first two chapters, and i wanna see more.



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"Wouldja look at this. Somebody threw away a perfectly good white boy!" -- Men At Work

A new driver and 6'7" ... someone out there should be very happy. No wonder he hasn't been busy writing.

So when last we saw them, there's a prince and a nice naked servant boy wrapped in furs and assorted magical faere folke running around in the enchanted forest.

Now, just where is that rune-spell to get them to quest for treasure in those tented furs and find their staves of wood?

(What did he just say? I'm sure there was some innuendo there somewhere.)

Blue notices that quite a few of those s.f. juveniles seemed to involve half-naked boys running off on quests on some alien planet or elfin realm. Blue wasn't exactly sure if he was supposed to be enjoying them in quite that way, but, oh, was Blue glad those books were there.

Perhaps Warren's driving with his sunglasses at night, gathering "research material." That must be it.

It would be really nice to see the journey start and finish.

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I do remember reading this story at Nifty on awesomedude's reccomendation. I also remember there being four chapters instead of two, but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Anyway, I do recall enjoying the story, the introduction to a new world, and especially the use of a fictional language.

I look forward to the continuation.

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"Absent-mindedly drawing symbols in the dirt."

Everyone count your toes!

Did I miss something, or is the new servant still running 'round butt-nekkid? Not necessarily objecting, mind you, if the weather's warm enough. (If not, brrrr!)

So, hmm, faintly Esperanto or Rumanian lingo.

I get the feeling these are two connected realities, or a dream/coma-induced state.

There's a definite feeling of the genre conventions, here. -- Keep up the good work, and I'd like to see something a little unconventional too. Be daring, have some fun with these guys!

Heh, I still remember the old cover to Andre Norton's "Iron Cage." Made a big impression to me as a 12 or 13 year old. (The novel's good too, also made a big impression.) Hmm. I really like the boy on the cover and in the story. I think I know why, too. Hmm. Not exactly what I can talk about at lunch at school, or at dinner at home. Now why does this seem so...nice...when it's not supposed to be nice at all...and this was a Christmas present, too.... Great present, but what the heck do I make of these feelings?

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