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4 Months Workout


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He is developing nice definition, but if you look at the comments he posts on YouTube he already understands that he is doing something wrong. He complains of pain all the time and so I gather he is working out too much without allowing his body the proper period of recovery.

Let's face it, building muscle can be painful. I did not lift weights at his age, my swimming coach warned us against it. Weight training builds bulky muscle mass which is all wrong for a competitive swimmer. Swimming is aerobic, the muscles are long and striated to suit the sport. A mass of bulky muscle reduces flexibility in a swimmer, although it looks good.

The boy needs a good coach to plan a schedule of exercise and recovery which will reduce pain, the rest is a good diet and the right attitude. Be interesting to see what he looks like when puberty finishes its work. He already has the good looks.

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